Who we are


Banknorden.com is a global loan comparison service helping people make smart decisions about their finances. We compare a selected range of different financial products such as loans, credit cards and more. Visitors to our site are provided rates, credit, and loan providers and the necessary information they can use to decide wisely. We know a lot of you get confused and tangled up in the complicated language of loan rates, eligibility, and other cumbersome finance terms. We know it is anxiety-inducing to go to your local bank or talk to your uptight local banker only to go home afterwards “denied”, and more clueless and anxious than ever. Changing such bureaucratic, old-fashioned ways is the primary motivation we had when we started our small team in Denmark years before. We want a simpler, smarter, quicker approach to being informed and guided through comparing financial services, and that has been our goal ever since.

Our offices are located in Scandinavia and West Europe. We are a multilingual, multicultural team that speaks your language. We understand your need to be informed about your market, financial practices, culture and customs. Our utmost goal is to make sure the financial services and products you encounter with us are made simple and devoid of the complicated finance-speak that banks and financial institutions use to burden and intimidate people. Our company mantra is to provide ample financial information we obtained from financial institutions, recognized lenders, and legitimate banks for people like you to compare. We do it in the simplest and clearest formats in order for you to make the smartest decisions on finances.We abide by our mantra of Simplicity, Accuracy, and Charity.

Simplicity. The information about loan, credit, and other financial comparisons we provide for you are always shown in the manner that is easiest to understand even if you are not finance-speak savvy. We listen and read reviews and feedback about us so we know we are always at the top of our game in providing you the best service you could get online.

Accuracy. We only provide accurate and updated information and always keep abreast of what the rates and happenings are in the finance market. We also make sure that the rates and details we publish are not just the most accurate, but also the fairest value we could get without compromising accuracy.

Inclusivity. Not only do we encourage multiculturalism and exchange of information through diversity in our team, we also foster cooperation and collaboration in our business. We are inclusive and have actually chosen to pick some of our brightest staff from crisis-hit countries in South American and Asia to be in our team as we believe in supporting each other by nurturing talents and skills regardless of cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds.